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We are DLT, Dynamic Lacrosse Training.

 A network of professional lacrosse instructors who's mission it is to help develop successful lacrosse players in your community. DLT offers what no other coaching network can offer... Top tier professional lacrosse coaches that can implement their proven, lacrosse specific teaching philosophy tailored to your youth program and its players.  Our directors, along with staff coaches will conduct age specific lacrosse drills for boys and/or girls as needed or requested anytime of the year!

Dynamic Lacrosse follows two separate but distinct coaching models.  The first are our instructional clinics that we operate.  This clinic model allows one or multi-day clinics, that players can come and learn cutting edge skills and development drills from some of the best instructors in the game today.  These clinics are often comprehensive, and get more and more complex from the first session, onward.  Our instructional Focus Clinics concentrate on one discipline in the game.  Attendees will have the option to learn Shooting/Dodging, Defense, Goaltending or Faceoff from leaders in today's lacrosse education community.  We can also come right to your youth league, school or town team to train attendees as individuals, small units or large groups.

Our second model provides professional team trainers to lacrosse teams of any capability level.  Team trainers are appointed to teams for a set number of practices and contests and are a part of that team for the appointed amount of time.  Team trainers will not only develop and execute up-tempo practices, but will guide the volunteer coaches on how to administer practices and games in practical scenarios.

The DLT directors have gained success at all levels of the game as well as in their personal and professional lives.  Our coaching philosophy takes a step-by-step approach to improving players and helping players realize their full lacrosse potential.


The Directors of DLT

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